Travis Scott Handcuffs His Album to Security Guard to Prevent Leak

Travis Scott is taking extra precautions to ensure that his upcoming album does not leak before its release. The rapper was recently seen leaving a vinyl record store in Hollywood, accompanied by his muscle-bound security guard. The guard was carrying a briefcase handcuffed to his own wrist, with the word “Utopia” written on it. This creative and unique piece of marketing is also a security measure, as the highly anticipated album is reportedly inside the briefcase.

Travis Scott’s Return to Music

Fans have been waiting for almost five years for Travis Scott to release new music, and the wait is almost over. The whole reveal for his return to music is expected to happen sometime this summer. The rapper recently played “Utopia” for the Houston Astros team ahead of their game against the Cubs. This has sparked even more excitement among his fans.

Travis Scott’s Collaboration with Nike

Travis Scott has collaborated with Nike in the past, and it seems like there might be another collaboration on the way. The shoes he was wearing during his recent outing had “Utopia” written on the back. This has sparked speculation among fans that another collaboration with Nike is on the horizon.

Travis Scott’s Album Release

Producer Mike Dean recently posted a screenshot of his editing bay, which appears to be “Utopia,” but quickly took it down. The Weeknd, who was featured on Scott’s 2018 album “Astroworld,” also threw up a couple of lollipop emojis, indicating his excitement for the upcoming album. It’s safe to say that “Utopia” is highly anticipated among fans and is expected to be a huge success upon its release.


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