Tom Brady and Travis Scott Mentor Rookie Quarterbacks on Business and Brand Building

Tom Brady and Travis Scott have been mentoring a group of rookie quarterbacks, including the #1 overall pick, Bryce Young, to help them transition from college to the pros. The trio attended a luncheon hosted by Michael Rubin at his L.A. home where they gave advice on business and brand building to CJ Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson.

The Importance of Not Being Discouraged

During the luncheon, video footage showed Brady advising the rookie quarterbacks not to be discouraged, even in the face of adversity. Brady shared a window into how he overcame failure during his legendary career, and highlighted one of the keys to his longevity. He did not get complacent with his early success and remembered that he was selected No. 199 in the sixth round. This allowed him to play more than 20 seasons. Brady said, “I just outlasted everybody. There’s another me back there. So how do I keep my edge on everybody? I had to keep working. I didn’t go, ‘Hey, I’m good. I won three Super Bowls.’”

Learning from Mistakes and Bouncing Back

Rubin’s message to the rookie quarterbacks was simple: mistakes are a part of the process, but don’t let them stress you out. He emphasized that it’s all about how you bounce back. “Every day we’re screwing things up,” Rubin said. “We’ve just got to get a lot more right than wrong and keep learning from it. The tougher s*** gets, the more focused I am.”

The Importance of Accountability

Travis Scott stressed the importance of having a core group of people to rely on daily and hold them accountable. This is crucial for the rookie quarterbacks as they navigate their transition from college to the pros.

Passing on Wisdom

Tom Brady and Travis Scott have been passing on their wisdom to the rookie quarterbacks to help them build their businesses and brands. By sharing their experiences, they hope to help the young quarterbacks avoid making the same mistakes they made in their careers. It is a testament to their willingness to help others succeed in the industry.


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