The Royal Family’s Favorite Holiday Destinations

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales, have found their countryside sanctuary in Norfolk. The couple received the ten-bedroom Georgian property, Anmer Hall, as a gift from Queen Elizabeth after their wedding in 2011. This idyllic retreat has become a favorite spot for William and Kate to spend their weekends and school holidays. In fact, during the lockdown, they chose to stay in Norfolk and carried out their royal duties remotely while homeschooling their children. Kate once shared her experience of homeschooling and how it was going during that time.

Like many members of the royal family, William and Kate have a deep love for skiing. They have taken their children on family skiing holidays, creating cherished memories on the slopes. In 2016, the Waleses brought their eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, on their first skiing trip to the French Alps. Adorable family photos were released, capturing the children bundled up in snow suits. Last Easter, the family-of-five reportedly enjoyed another ski break in Courchevel, France.

Jordan: A Meaningful Journey

In 2021, Kensington Palace revealed that William and Kate took Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis on a holiday to Jordan, as depicted in their Christmas card. The family visited the historic city of Petra, a place that holds special memories for Kate. She lived in Jordan with her family at a young age, and the Middletons even shared a photograph from their time in the country. During a 2018 tour of the Middle East, William spoke about Kate’s childhood in Jordan, expressing how much she loved it there.

Mustique: The Private Caribbean Escape

Prince George has also celebrated his birthday on the private Caribbean island of Mustique, where the Prince and Princess of Wales have enjoyed family holidays with Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton. Mustique has a significant connection to the royal family, particularly to William’s late great-aunt, Princess Margaret, who owned a villa called Les Jolies Eaux on the island.

Isles of Scilly: Charming Family Staycations

In recent years, William and Kate have opted for family staycations. One such destination is the Isles of Scilly, located off the Cornish coast. The family-of-five visited the Isles of Scilly for two consecutive years, where they were spotted cycling around Tresco Island. Interestingly, Tresco Island is privately owned and is the only one of the five inhabited islands in the archipelago. This getaway holds a special place in William’s heart, as he had previously holidayed there as a child with his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and his brother, Prince Harry, in 1989.

Balmoral Castle: A Royal Tradition

Balmoral Castle has been a longstanding tradition for the royal family during the summer break. The late Queen Elizabeth II hosted her family, including William, Kate, and their children, at this Scottish estate. A heartwarming photograph of the late monarch surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren was shared by the palace on what would have been her birthday in April. Scotland holds a special significance for William and Kate, as it is where they first met at the University of St Andrews. During their visits to Balmoral, the couple reportedly stays at their own property, Tam-Na-Ghar, situated within the grounds of the castle. This property was a thoughtful gift from William’s great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, shortly before her passing in 2002.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their three children, enjoy a variety of holiday destinations that cater to their diverse interests and family traditions. From the tranquility of Anmer Hall in Norfolk to the thrill of skiing in the French Alps, the royal family cherishes their time together and creates lasting memories in each location. Whether they are exploring historic sites in Jordan or indulging in relaxation on the secluded island of Mustique, every destination holds a unique significance for William, Kate, and their children. As they continue to navigate their royal duties and personal lives, these favorite holiday spots will undoubtedly remain treasured havens for the entire family.


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