Shakur Stevenson vs. Devin Haney: Unlikely to Happen, But Why?

The highly anticipated matchup between Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney has been a topic of discussion among boxing fans for years. Both fighters have garnered attention and praise as they rose through the ranks to become bonafide stars in the sport. However, despite the hype surrounding this potential clash, it seems that the fight may never come to fruition. In a recent interview, Stevenson himself expressed his doubts about Haney’s willingness to face him in the ring. But why is Haney so reluctant to take on this challenge?

Shakur Stevenson, with an impressive record of 20-0 with 10 knockouts, spoke candidly during an interview about his desire to face Haney. He stated, “I dare him to come back to 135 lbs. and try me. Like I pray that that’s what he plans on doing and I can show the world I’m the truth.” Stevenson firmly believes that he is the superior fighter and wants to prove it to the world. He even went so far as to challenge Haney to come down to the 135 lb. weight class, where Stevenson currently resides.

A Dangerous Challenge

When asked about Haney’s reluctance to accept the fight, Stevenson offered an intriguing explanation. He believes that Haney sees him as a substantial risk, someone who is difficult to deal with in the ring. Stevenson confidently stated, “I think that’s maybe the reason, I’m a big risk. I’m hard to deal with for anybody, and I think he knows that. He’s been around me for years, so it’s hard to deny the fact that I’m a big risk.” Clearly, Stevenson’s confidence in his abilities is unwavering, and he believes that Haney is fully aware of the challenge he poses.

Although both fighters possess immense talent and self-belief, Stevenson suggests that Haney’s doubts about winning the fight are what ultimately prevent him from accepting the challenge. Stevenson stated, “I think he believes in himself, but I think when it comes down to me, he knows deep down inside, he knows that I’m the truth.” While Haney may have faith in his own abilities, Stevenson’s conviction seems to have instilled a sense of doubt in his potential opponent.

As much as fans may yearn for this showdown, Stevenson’s outlook on the likelihood of the fight taking place is discouraging. When asked about the chances, he responded with a disheartening estimation, saying, “If I’m being honest, I’d say 20% chance the fight happens.” Stevenson doubts that Haney has the audacity to move up a weight class for a single fight and then immediately come back down to face him. He just doesn’t see Haney possessing the boldness and willpower required for such a move.

A Mentor’s Perspective

Stevenson also shared his thoughts on another highly anticipated fight, one between his mentor Terence Crawford and legendary fighter Canelo Alvarez. While this matchup is entirely separate from the Haney fight, it showcases Stevenson’s insight into the boxing world. He expressed his belief that Crawford would emerge victorious, demonstrating the impact of his mentor’s influence on his own views of the sport.

The much-anticipated clash between Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney may never come to pass. Haney’s reluctance to face the perceived risk that Stevenson presents and a lack of confidence in winning the fight seem to be the driving factors behind this hesitancy. While fans continue to hope for this dream matchup, the chances of it happening appear slim. Only time will tell if these two talented fighters will ultimately share the ring and settle the debate about who is truly the best.


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