Rapper Vic Mensa Gives His Thoughts on Ja Morant’s Recent Gun Scandal

Following Ja Morant’s suspension for flashing a gun on social media for the second time, rapper Vic Mensa shared his thoughts on the situation. Mensa was in New York City when TMZ Sports approached him for his opinion on the issue. After some joking comments about the situation, Mensa became serious, expressing his concern for Morant.

Mensa’s Concern for Morant’s Future

Mensa acknowledged that Morant is a brilliant and talented individual who is blessed with a real gift. He hopes that Morant can figure out his issues with guns and avoid going down a dangerous path. Mensa made it clear that he does not want to disparage Morant and that he wishes him all the best.

The Role of Music in Morant’s Troubles

Morant’s recent off-court troubles have caused some to question whether he is trying to emulate rappers like NBA YoungBoy, whose music he was listening to in the most recent clip. However, Mensa believes that the blame falls solely on Morant and not the music. According to Mensa, NBA YoungBoy is merely telling his truth and doing his thing.

Mensa’s Support for Morant

Mensa promised to support Morant as he deals with the consequences of his actions. He even joked about the possibility of Morant switching up his music taste and listening to some country music instead. In any case, Mensa hopes that Morant can learn from his mistakes and move forward in a positive direction.

In conclusion, Vic Mensa’s thoughts on Ja Morant’s recent gun scandal highlight the concern and support of one artist for another. While some have criticized Morant for his actions, Mensa believes that he is a gifted individual who deserves another chance to get things right.


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