Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev’s Relationship Changes since Welcoming Children

Rachel Riley, the presenter of Countdown, has revealed that her relationship with Pasha Kovalev has changed since they welcomed their two daughters, Maven and Noa. The couple wasn’t as passionate towards each other as they used to be and had to put a pin in their romance and dates. However, they were happy to wait until Noa had finished breastfeeding and were patient with each other. Rachel confessed that their relationship had changed a lot since having children.

Family Plans and Decision to Stop Having Children

Rachel and Pasha have no intentions to have more children as they are content with their family of four. They plan to travel abroad when their children are older, and Rachel shared her 2017 trip to the Galapagos Islands. Rachel also mentioned that they were done in terms of kids, and when the girls grew out of clothes, they donated them to charity shops.

The Couple’s Celebratory Moments

Rachel and Pasha got married in 2019 after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. They celebrated a close friend’s wedding last month and shared their special moments on Instagram. Rachel looked beautiful in a forest green dress as she took on the duties of the bridesmaid, and Pasha joined her in the celebration. The couple looked smitten with each other as they cuddled up for a candid selfie, and Rachel shared her love and congratulated her friend on her special day.

Rachel and Pasha’s relationship has transformed since they welcomed their children. They have put a pin in their romance and dates but have been patient with each other. The couple has no plans to have more children and will travel abroad when their daughters are older. Rachel and Pasha continue to celebrate their love for one another and cherish their special moments together.


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