Prince Harry Reveals Concerns About Grandmother’s Approval in Relationship with Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, recently made headlines for his comments about the role of media intrusion in the breakdown of his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. However, his bombshell novel, “Spare,” which was published earlier this year, also sheds light on another reason for the couple’s split: Harry’s concerns about his grandmother’s approval of the relationship.

Harry’s Worries About Granny’s Approval

In “Spare,” Harry recalls a conversation with a friend in which he was asked whether he could see himself marrying Chelsy. While he cherished the things he loved about her, such as her carefree attitude and disregard for royal protocol, he couldn’t help but worry about how his grandmother and the British public would feel about her short skirts, high boots, and tequila drinking.

Harry’s novel reveals that he had a special connection with Chelsy, who was unlike other girls he had met in that she wasn’t trying to fit herself for a crown. However, his worries about his grandmother’s approval and the public’s perception of Chelsy as not being suitable for a royal partner ultimately caused the relationship to suffer.

Chelsy’s Struggle with Media Intrusion

In addition to Harry’s concerns about his grandmother’s approval, media intrusion also played a significant role in the breakdown of the couple’s relationship. Chelsy struggled with paparazzi following her to and from her lectures at Leeds University, and even when she was back home in Cape Town, she felt like she was constantly being followed.

When Harry initially advised Chelsy to treat media intrusion like a chronic illness, she wasn’t sure she wanted to have a chronic illness. However, Harry explained that if she wanted to share any part of his life, she would have to share this too. Unfortunately, the odds were against them, and the press ultimately cost Harry yet another person he cared about.

Prince Harry’s revelations about his concerns regarding his grandmother’s approval and media intrusion shed light on the difficulties faced by those in the public eye. It is a reminder that even members of the royal family are human and can be affected by the pressures of fame and public scrutiny. The story also highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in relationships, as Harry tried to prepare Chelsy for the media attention she would face but ultimately couldn’t protect her from it.


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