Nick Viall Checks ID Before Dating Younger Fiancée

Former “Bachelor” star Nick Viall recently admitted on Taylor Lautner’s podcast “The Squeeze” that he checked his now-fiancée Natalie Joy’s ID to make sure she was of legal age before agreeing to date her. The couple, who have an 18-year age gap, began messaging on Instagram before meeting in person in New York City.

Initial Caution

Viall and Joy were both cautious in the beginning of their relationship, with Viall admitting that he was self-conscious about their age difference. Despite this, Joy persisted and knew that Viall would eventually come around. The couple casually dated for some time before officially going public in January 2021.

Online Hate

Despite their happiness, the couple has faced online hate, with Joy receiving mean comments calling her a “child bride” and other hurtful things. However, the couple has not let this negativity affect their relationship.

The Proposal

Viall proposed to Joy in January 2021, setting up a video confession in a candle-lit room before getting down on one knee. He expressed his love for her and his excitement to start a family together. The couple is now engaged and looking forward to their future together.


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