NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Expresses Disappointment Over Ja Morant’s Latest Firearm Incident

In a statement released on Tuesday, Ja Morant expressed his apologies for disappointing his supporters and acknowledged that there is still more work to be done. He stated that he takes full responsibility for his actions and is committed to working on himself.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Reacts to Latest Incident

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has expressed his disappointment with Ja Morant after the Memphis Grizzlies star was seen flashing a firearm on social media for the second time. Silver was shocked to see the video, which appears to show Ja holding a handgun while in a car with his friend. Silver admits that the footage is grainy, but given Morant’s history, he is assuming the worst.

Silver had a lengthy conversation with Ja after his first firearm incident, where he explained why it was a significant issue and the consequences that came with it. The commissioner was shocked to see Morant waving another gun around for the cameras, especially after he seemed to be taking the first incident seriously.

Morant’s Suspension and NBA Review

The Grizzlies have suspended Ja from all activities while the NBA completes its review. It seems like the league will come down even harder on Morant this time. The latest incident occurred just two months after Ja was suspended for eight games for holding a pistol on Instagram Live while at a Colorado strip club.

Although Ja’s words may not mean much at the moment, he recognizes that he has disappointed many people and is committed to continuing to work on himself. The NBA Commissioner hopes that Ja takes this incident seriously and learns from it. Until the league completes its review, it remains to be seen what consequences Ja will face.


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