Nathan Fillion on break following season five finale of The Rookie

Nathan Fillion, the popular actor known for his humor, is taking a well-deserved break following the season five finale of The Rookie. Fillion posted a selfie on Instagram on Friday, which had fans in hysterics. In the picture, he is mending his broken shoe, and he captioned it with a reference to Daniel Day-Lewis: “I wish Daniel Day-Lewis could see me now. #danieldaylewis #cobblersgottacobble.”

Fillion’s 1.3 million followers reacted to the post with several comments. One fan called him the “Master of ALL trades! #CobbleOnCaptain,” while another added, “You always brighten up my day @nathanfillion.” A third fan wrote, “Is there no end to your talents?” Several fans also asked about his location in the comments, as he was surrounded by a bright blue sky and plenty of plush greenery. Earlier in the week, while announcing his return to Destiny 2 in a video, seagulls could be heard flying around in the background. It seems like Fillion is enjoying a coastal retreat!

Fillion is currently taking a break after a busy year, which included his role as John Nolan in The Rookie’s fifth season, as well as Master Karja in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Filming for season six of The Rookie will likely commence later this year, although an official release date for the show is yet to be confirmed by ABC.

In March, Fillion celebrated his 52nd birthday in Thailand. He shared a photo of himself on the beach and wrote, “I discovered a way to make my birthday last longer. I crossed the international dateline and celebrated my birthday today in Thailand, and tomorrow I’ll receive well wishes from everyone who is still in yesterday. I beat the system.” His co-star Jenna Dewan, who plays Bailey Nune in The Rookie, was among the first to reply, writing, “Happy birthday to the best of the best!! Enjoy Thailand!” The Rookie’s Eric Winter also responded, commenting: “Happy Birthday amigo,” with champagne emojis.

Details about The Rookie’s sixth season are currently being kept under wraps, but the season five finale gave fans an idea of what to expect. The fate of Aaron Thorsen (played by Tru Valentino) is still unknown. After being shot by masked assailants, the character was rushed to the hospital, where he continued to fight for his life. The sixth season will reveal whether he lives or dies.

The sixth season will also introduce a brand-new villain. At the end of season five, the Mid-Wilshire Division established that Luke Moran had recruited the mercenaries to attack them, but the question of why remained unclear. The episode then panned to a pair of Escalades traveling on the highway, and inside was an unnamed character, played by Kristian Bruun, who had masterminded the whole thing. Dressed in a sharp suit, the mystery man gloated about paying for the attack as a distraction. “And by the time they realize the damage we’ve done,” he said, “we’ll be long gone.”

Fans of The Rookie are excited to see what happens next in season six.


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