Natalie Portman and Ryan Reynolds Consider Friendly Soccer Match Between Their Teams

Natalie Portman has recently discussed the possibility of her soccer team, Angel City Football Club, playing a friendly match against Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham Women’s F.C. Portman made the comments at the premiere of her new docuseries, Angel City, which follows the formation of the Los Angeles professional women’s soccer team.

Natalie Portman Inspired by Ryan Reynolds’ Soccer Journey

Portman explained that she was inspired by Reynolds and his friend Rob McElhenny’s journey in building up the strength of the Welsh squad. Reynolds and McElhenny bought Wrexham’s soccer club in 2020, hoping to help the team see some success after being stuck in the same low position in the English Football Leagues for over a decade.

Possible Collaboration Between Portman and Reynolds

Although both Portman and Reynolds are part of the Marvel universe, the actress made it clear that the potential match was not intended for the silver screen. However, it is not impossible for the two to team up for an acting project in the future.

Angel City Women’s Success Inspires More Teams to be Set Up in the US

Portman also discussed the success story of the Angel City women’s soccer team, which has inspired other women’s soccer teams to be set up in other cities across the US. The Oscar-winning actress expressed her excitement about the positive impact the team has had on women’s soccer in the country.

Reflecting on her own journey with Angel City, Portman revealed that it was not an easy journey, but the support she received from her friends and the determination to increase accessibility to women’s soccer kept her going. She believes that the team’s success can be attributed to the fact that the players are the best in the world, and soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

In conclusion, Portman and Reynolds may be considering a friendly soccer match between their teams. Their potential collaboration on a project may not be for the silver screen, but the success of Angel City has inspired more women’s soccer teams to be set up in the US.


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