Maya Jama Flaunts Toned Legs in Sultry Short Shorts

Maya Jama, the Love Island presenter, shared a post on social media flaunting her toned legs in a pair of daring short shorts, paired with a jacket and cap, and thigh-high boots. In her caption, she shared her love for the Live photo to video wave, albeit with a complaint that Instagram mashes the quality. The post also featured photos of Maya with matching tattoos with her friends, donning an all-black ensemble reminiscent of Trinity from The Matrix.

Maya’s fitness regime focuses on weighted exercises to get stronger rather than gain or lose weight. She also indulges in body toning treatments, such as Shane Cooper’s Body Defining Treatment, which uses electromagnetic waves to induce up to 36,000 supra-maximal forced muscle contractions during each session, to tighten and tone her muscles.

Maya’s Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

Maya Jama’s diet is surprisingly relatable, with a preference for McDonald’s breakfast and granola, yoghurt, and banana whenever she has the time. Her fridge contains canned red wine, celery, Actimel, and yoghurts.

Maya’s jet-setting lifestyle might make staying healthy tricky, but she prioritises her fitness regime, working out three to four days a week, including a one-hour boxing workout with her trainer Bradley Simmonds. Maya’s workout playlist includes high-energy songs like Bicycle by Vybz Kartel.

Maya Jama’s post on social media flaunting her toned legs in sultry short shorts is a testament to her dedication to her fitness regime and body toning treatments. Her relatable diet and workout playlists are an inspiration to her followers, proving that a healthy lifestyle is attainable despite a busy lifestyle.


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