Mark Harmon: From NCIS to Family Life

Mark Harmon is a household name, known for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the popular show, NCIS. Despite being 71 years old, Harmon has aged gracefully, as evidenced by recently unearthed throwback photos of him from 1996. In the picture, he looks almost exactly the same, sporting the same piercing blue eyes, defined brows and floppy hairstyle he’s had for decades. Harmon’s genes seem to be strong, as his two sons, Sean and Ty, bear a striking resemblance to their father.

A Family Affair

Harmon’s family members have also been involved with NCIS. His wife, Pam Dawber, appeared on the show as Marcie Warren, and his son Sean has starred alongside him. Sean played a younger version of Gibbs in flashback episodes and made his most recent cameo in 2020. While Harmon’s fans were devastated when he left his role as Leroy in season 19 of the show, Showrunner Steve Binder hinted that Gibbs could make a comeback in future seasons.

Privacy is Key

While Harmon is well known for his acting, he keeps his personal life private. In an interview with TV Insider, he explained that he and his wife prefer to stay home and avoid social media. Harmon stated that it’s simply not natural for him and his family to share their lives on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The Future

Harmon’s departure from NCIS left fans wondering what the future holds for the show and for Gibbs. While Binder hinted at a possible return for Gibbs, Harmon himself has not made any announcements about his plans. In the meantime, fans can look back on Harmon’s long and successful career in Hollywood and admire his timeless appearance.

Mark Harmon may have left NCIS, but his legacy lives on. As he looks toward the future, we can only imagine what new challenges he will take on and how he will continue to inspire his fans.


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