Lala Kent Claps Back at Haters Over Lip Fillers

Reality TV star Lala Kent has responded to haters who have criticized her lip fillers. The 32-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” personality has urged her followers not to comment on her “touch up” while filming a video on Instagram with her “bruised” pout on display last Friday.


Kent has been open about her cosmetic procedures in the past, admitting to having “overdone” her face before “perfecting the craft.” She stated that she stopped getting fillers when she was pregnant with her and ex Randall Emmett’s daughter, Ocean, in 2020 and hadn’t been injected in nearly three years.

Defending Her Choices

Kent told critics not to touch their own faces if they have a “problem” with how she looks, stating that she doesn’t care about what their faces look like. She emphasized that what her face is poked with does not affect them in any way.

Clapping Back at Tom Schwartz

During the filming of Season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules” in December 2022, Kent clapped back at Tom Schwartz when he criticized her “bootleg Housewife” face, calling him “the epitome of a f–king loser.”

Kent’s response to her critics showcases her confidence in her decisions and her unwillingness to tolerate negativity from others. Despite the criticisms she has faced, she has remained open about her cosmetic procedures and has even documented them on Instagram. Kent’s message to her followers is clear: she will continue to do what makes her happy, regardless of anyone else’s opinions.


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