Kelly Clarkson on Divorce: “I let my ego get in the way”

Kelly Clarkson, the singer and former “American Idol” winner, has opened up about her decision to stay in a marriage that wasn’t working for far too long. Clarkson says that her ego played a significant role in her decision to remain married to Brandon Blackstock, her ex-husband, even though the relationship was limiting and painful.

Clarkson admitted in her new song “Mine” that she doesn’t “know why I stayed as long as I stayed,” but on Tuesday’s episode of the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, she explained that her decision to remain married was almost like a game. She was convinced that she could control her actions and reactions, and her ego got in the way.

Clarkson also revealed that she didn’t want her kids to go through the same painful experience she had gone through as a child when her parents got a divorce. However, after a while, she realized that she had to be “selfish” and put herself first because she couldn’t handle the limiting marriage any longer.

Becoming a Better Parent After Divorce

Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020, and after almost two years of a bitter divorce battle, the couple finally reached a settlement in March 2022. Despite the tumultuous split, Clarkson stated that her children still hope that their parents will one day get back together. However, the singer has revealed that she does not intend to get married again in the future.

Clarkson’s experience of divorce has made her a better parent and helped her set boundaries. She believes that being honest with oneself can help one be honest with others. She has learned that sometimes it’s essential to be selfish and put oneself first because that can lead to personal growth and better parenting.

Nowadays, Clarkson is much better at setting boundaries, which she says has made her a better parent. She likes to stay busy with work and believes that she’s the best version of herself when she’s productive. She thinks that marriage is beautiful and amazing, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary for everyone.

Kelly Clarkson has been honest about what led to her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, admitting that her ego played a significant role in her decision to stay in a relationship that wasn’t working. She has also revealed that divorce has made her a better parent and taught her the importance of setting boundaries and being honest with oneself. Clarkson’s story is a reminder that sometimes being selfish can lead to personal growth and better parenting.


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