Jessie James Decker Flaunts Bikini Body After Deciding to Remove “Trashy” Tattoos

Jessie James Decker, the country singer, was seen flaunting her bikini body while hanging out with friends at a pool in Miami. The 35-year-old singer wore a printed bikini along with a trucker hat that read “BLOOM” and had her curves on display as she took a dip in the clear blue water.

Plans to Remove Tattoos

Decker recently revealed that she wants to remove all of her “trashy” tattoos. In a post on her Instagram story, she shared a picture of a tattoo on the back of her neck and wrote that she wants it removed as soon as possible. She also mentioned that she wants all her tattoos removed.

After receiving backlash from her followers for calling her tattoos “trashy,” Decker clarified that she thinks her tattoos are trashy and doesn’t want hers anymore. She loves her followers’ tattoos and asked them to rock on.

Backlash for Children’s Appearance

Decker has been in the headlines for the appearance of her children as well. She shared a photo of her kids Vivianne, Eric Jr., and Forrest, who have toned abs, in bathing suits on Instagram. This prompted criticism from several fans about the children’s appearance.

In response, Decker clapped back at the trolls and wrote that being accused of photoshopping abs on her kids or “overtraining” them makes her realize how bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body. She added that we shouldn’t pick and choose what we normalize.

Final Thoughts

Jessie James Decker has been making headlines for her decisions and choices lately. She plans to remove all her tattoos, and she recently clapped back at trolls who criticized her children’s appearance. Despite the backlash, Decker remains confident and is happy to make the choices that feel right for her and her family.


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