Jennifer Lopez Reveals Husband Ben Affleck’s Reaction to Her Risqué Looks

Jennifer Lopez is known for her sultry and fashionable looks. She has been making headlines for her fashion choices at events like the Met Gala and other red carpet events. Recently, she appeared on “Live! With Kelly and Mark” and talked about her fashion choices and how her husband, Ben Affleck, reacts to them.

Affleck’s Roasting of Her Risqué Fashion

J.Lo disclosed that her husband likes to poke fun at her sexy and revealing looks. She said that Affleck would sometimes joke around and ask her where the rest of her shirt is. Despite that, she still loves to wear revealing outfits and has no problem showing off her body.

J.Lo’s Fashion Advice from Affleck

Lopez and Affleck have been married since 2022. The couple is very affectionate and loves to hold hands. Lopez shared that she often asks her husband for fashion advice, even if she does not always agree with his opinion. She did not say anything about his reaction to her latest head-to-toe leopard-print Valentino look.

The Secret to Their Height Difference

When asked about how they make their height difference work, Lopez said that she walks a step behind Affleck at all times so that the two can comfortably hold hands for the cameras. This trick has been working for them, and they look great together.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez is not afraid to show off her sexy and revealing looks, and her husband, Ben Affleck, enjoys roasting her fashion choices. Despite that, the couple is still very affectionate, and they have found a way to make their height difference work.


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