Fire Alarms Wake Up Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in the Middle of the Night

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were awakened at 2 a.m. when several fire alarms went off in their home, prompting firefighters to show up at their doorstep.

The Ordeal

Ripa, who hosts “Live with Kelly and Mark,” recounted the incident on the show the following day. She and Consuelos had trouble falling back asleep after their ordeal. The couple had at least two different fire alarms screeching, which caused them to panic. One of the alarms blared “fire, fire” while another made a high-pitched beeping sound.

Consuelos admitted that he did not remember the code to turn off the alarms, so he called one of the alarm operators, but he still could not recall the code. Eventually, the fire department arrived and turned off all the alarms, except for one.

The Firefighters

The couple praised the firefighters who showed up at their doorstep, describing them as “real men.” They said that the firefighters were able to turn off the alarms, despite not knowing the code, and they were able to determine that one of the alarms had expired in April 2023.

The Aftermath

Ripa joked that she was unable to see the printed expiration date, but she trusted that the man was correct. After the firefighters left, the couple apologized for not being able to offer them anything as a thank you, but the firefighters seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

The couple had a sleepless night, and Ripa concluded the show by saying that it was “that kind of night.” Consuelos reminded her that it’s a “new day” and “beautiful out.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos had a scary experience when several fire alarms went off in their home in the middle of the night. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, the couple praised the firefighters who came to their rescue.


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