Dining Solo: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Receives High-Profile Endorsements

Democratic presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was recently spotted dining alone at Kissaki on the Bowery in New York. The anti-vaxxer crusader, environmental lawyer, and 2024 White House contender sat at the omakase bar, where a star-struck diner began chatting with him. The diner expressed excitement about meeting a Kennedy and even took photos with the restaurant’s manager. Kennedy left the restaurant shortly after his sushi meal.

High-Profile Endorsements

Despite backlash from his family, Kennedy has received high-profile endorsements since announcing his presidential run. Actress Alicia Silverstone, a former Democratic party member who now identifies as an independent voter, recently took to Instagram to express her support for Kennedy. Silverstone has worked with Kennedy on children’s health and environment issues for more than 15 years. She described him as a true leader who fights for all mothers and children, our planet, fairness, and freedom. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey also tweeted his support for Kennedy, stating that he can and will beat Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in 2024.

Laurence Leamer, the Kennedy family biographer, has stated that most of the Kennedy family is disgusted with Kennedy’s anti-vaccination activism. While they still care about him, they consider him an embarrassment. However, Kennedy can take solace in the fact that he has received support from high-profile individuals like Alicia Silverstone and Jack Dorsey.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may be dining alone, but he is not alone in his bid for the White House. Despite backlash from his family, he has received support from notable figures like Alicia Silverstone and Jack Dorsey. While his anti-vaccination activism has caused controversy, Kennedy continues to fight for what he believes in.


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