Controversy Surrounds Funeral Arrangements for Socialite Patty Raynes

Patty Raynes, daughter of the late oil baron Marvin Davis and a beloved socialite, was found dead in her Florida home on April 27. Her funeral was tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, but sources have revealed that it will now take place at a later date. The delay has caused conflict amongst Raynes’ former Upper East Side friend group, who are allegedly fighting over who is helping her family plan the funeral and who was closest to the deceased.

However, one source has stated that Raynes had an international society circle and knew a lot of people, so there’s no need to argue over who was closer to her. Raynes’ New York circle has offered to help her family find venues and compile an invite list for a memorial in the city. According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles-based Davis family, the family is planning a private service for Raynes’ close friends and family and is grateful for the outpouring of love and support. The spokesperson has requested privacy for the family during this difficult time.

Despite this, there have been behind-the-scenes dramas surrounding the funeral arrangements. There have been threats within the friend group to “disinvite” people, and some have claimed that certain individuals would not be welcome due to their behaviour towards Raynes during her life. One friend even stated that Raynes “wouldn’t want” certain people to attend. Another source has accused some of Raynes’ friends of “capitalizing off her poor death,” while yet another has described a supposed newer set of friends as “a very petty group of people.”

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office has stated that they are still waiting for the medical examiner to determine Raynes’ cause of death. Her family believes that she died due to asthma-related problems.

In conclusion, the funeral arrangements for Patty Raynes have caused controversy amongst her former Upper East Side friend group. Despite this, the family is planning a private service for close friends and family, and they have requested privacy during this difficult time. The cause of Raynes’ death is still under investigation.


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