Conor McGregor Would Be a Force to be Reckoned with in BKFC, Says Houston Alexander

According to BKFC star Houston Alexander, former UFC and Bellator fighter, Conor McGregor, would be a problem if he ever decided to fight without gloves in a ring. Alexander is an experienced brawler who has been fighting professionally without mitts since 2021. He believes that Conor’s skill with his hands means that he would have no issues transitioning from the UFC to BKFC.

The conversation around Conor’s potential move to BKFC came up after he showed interest in making the switch following Mike Perry’s BKFC fight against Luke Rockhold on April 30. McGregor stepped into the ring following the fight and showed a willingness to fight Perry without gloves at a future date.

Alexander believes that Conor’s inexperience without gloves would not be an issue, and he thinks that the fight would be great despite Conor’s lack of experience. Alexander complimented Conor’s skills and noted that most MMA fighters who focus on just one aspect of fighting, such as just kicking or jiu-jitsu, would not fare well in BKFC.

Despite being 51 years old, Alexander is still going strong and has another big BKFC fight against Jeremy Smith on May 19. He has no intention of retiring anytime soon and hopes to hold off Father Time for a little while longer.

In conclusion, Houston Alexander believes that Conor McGregor would excel in BKFC if he ever decided to fight without gloves. Conor’s skill with his hands and overall fighting ability would make him a force to be reckoned with in the ring.


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