Bottega Veneta’s Deceptively Luxe Leather Looks

Kendall Jenner recently made headlines at the Met Gala 2023 with her sequined Marc Jacobs bodysuit and towering 8-inch platforms. However, her casual denim-inspired outfit during a day out in NYC had a sky-high cost that might surprise many.

Jenner wore a pair of Bottega Veneta pants that looked like a simple pair of straight-leg jeans. But, they were actually crafted from leather printed to resemble low-priced textile. The leather pants cost a whopping $6,800 and have been seen on A$AP Rocky as well.

Jenner paired her trompe l’oeil trousers with a Bottega Veneta leather shirt that cost $6,900. The shirt was also printed to resemble a classic blue cotton button-up. She completed her look with a white tank top and Adidas Sambas, which cost $100.

Jenner has been a fan of Bottega Veneta for years and regularly incorporates its popular bags, shoes, and outerwear into her street style outfits. The brand’s optical illusion leather looks have become a key part of its collections since Matthieu Blazy took over as creative director in 2021.

In addition to pants and shirts like Jenner’s, Bottega Veneta currently sells trompe l’oeil T-shirts, polos, argyle sweaters, and flannels. Kate Moss modeled a version of the latter on Bottega’s spring 2023 catwalk, along with “jeans” like Jenner’s.

Blazy described the brand’s aesthetic as “perverse banality” to Vogue. He added that the brand takes casual comfort to an extreme by using leather to create clothing that looks like everyday textiles. For example, the plaid leather on Moss’s flannel required 12 layers of prints to convincingly resemble real flannel.

Bottega Veneta’s deceptively luxe leather looks are becoming increasingly popular among fashion-forward celebrities like Jenner and A$AP Rocky. However, the high cost of these items might bankrupt the average person.


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