Blac Chyna Advises Against Facial Fillers

Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, has expressed regret over the facial fillers she had injected in her face. The model, who recently turned 35, revealed in an Instagram video that she felt her face looked “crazy” in old pictures before she had her fillers removed. Chyna shared her pre-transformation photos and noted that she looks much better now than before. She advised her followers not to consider getting fillers, saying that it is not worth it.

Chyna’s Journey Towards Her “Baseline” Look

Chyna has been open about her plastic surgery journey. She removed her facial fillers and underwent surgery to reduce her breasts and butt to achieve a more natural look. The “Real Blac Chyna” star shared that she is tired of the current look and wants to get back to her “baseline” look. She expressed that the transformation totally changed her face and she is ready to start fresh and clean.

Chyna’s Advice to Women

Chyna advised women not to get silicone shots due to the risk of complications. She relied on silicone injections to enhance her derriere when she was a teenager but now regrets it. She wants women to know the risks of getting silicone shots, as it can lead to sickness, complications, and even death. Chyna also advised women not to consider getting fillers, saying that it is not the wave. She wants to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty and not to alter their looks to fit societal standards. Chyna has also removed some of her controversial tattoos, gotten baptized, and even went back to school to improve herself.

In conclusion, Blac Chyna’s journey towards her baseline look is inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty. She advises against facial fillers and silicone shots, warning women of the potential risks. Chyna’s transformation shows that it is possible to achieve a natural look and embrace one’s unique beauty.


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