Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Red Carpet Tension Explained

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently made headlines for their seemingly tense appearance at the premiere of “Mother.” However, a lip reader has now revealed that the couple was simply debating poses and positioning for the red carpet photographers. During the exchange, Lopez asked Affleck if her outfit was showing too much, to which he responded that it was fine. After finding their joint pose, Affleck whispered reassuringly to Lopez before they took their photos.

While their red carpet tension was quickly defused, the couple found themselves at the center of negative press again when a clip of Affleck “slamming” Lopez’s car door made the rounds on TikTok. Fans believed that the pair was in a fight, but others speculated that they were simply frustrated with paparazzi.

Despite Affleck’s reputation for appearing moody, he later clarified that he was merely joking with his wife during a moment that was caught on camera. He had told Lopez that he was going to slide away from her as soon as the cameras started rolling, to which she responded, “You better f–king not leave.” Affleck explained that this was a typical husband-and-wife exchange, and that some of their playful banter might have been misinterpreted by the public.

Overall, it appears that the couple’s public appearances have been subject to much speculation and scrutiny. However, as they continue to navigate the ups and downs of their relationship in the public eye, it’s important to remember that not everything is as it seems.


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