Bam Margera’s Family Fears for His Safety

Bam Margera’s family is worried about the former “Jackass” star’s well-being after he had a meltdown over not being able to see his son, Phoenix, amid his divorce from estranged wife Nikki. Bam’s brother, Jess Margera, has taken to Twitter to ask for help in finding him before he can harm himself.

Current Situation

According to reports, Bam may have forced a meeting with his son in person, despite Nikki’s objections, due to the separation. Thompson, a close friend of Bam’s, suggests that a FaceTime call with his son may help put his mind at ease. However, it is unclear whether Bam is currently in rehab or planning to enter one soon.

Jess Margera is currently trying to locate Bam in the LA area and has asked for help from the LAPD and Twitter users. A video obtained by TMZ shows Bam hanging out at a Pennsylvania bar and grill with some random people, claiming that he is getting ready to fly to LA to check into rehab. However, Jess is skeptical about the rehab part and wants to locate Bam before it’s too late.

The family is concerned about Bam’s well-being and hopes that he can get the help he needs to overcome his struggles.


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