Andy Cohen Discusses His Experience with Gestational Surrogacy and the Birth of His Children

Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live,” recently spoke about his daughter Lucy’s birth via gestational surrogacy in New York. Cohen revealed that he wanted his surrogate to give birth in New York and, as a result, Lucy was one of the first babies born through gestational surrogacy in the state. Cohen also discussed his role in helping to pass a law that allowed for gestational surrogacy in New York, which permitted the birth of his daughter.

Gestational Surrogacy vs. Traditional Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is different from traditional surrogacy in that the surrogate does not provide their own egg for fertilization. According to the New York Department of Health, gestational surrogacy involves the transfer of an embryo created with the intended parents’ or donors’ egg and sperm into the surrogate’s uterus. This means that the child is not genetically related to the surrogate.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Role in Legalizing Gestational Surrogacy

Cohen praised former Governor Andrew Cuomo for his role in legalizing gestational surrogacy in New York. Cuomo’s efforts helped Cohen and others to legally use gestational surrogacy to start a family in their home state. Cohen also noted that the new law gave him more time to prepare for the birth of Lucy and to bond with his son Ben, who was born via gestational surrogacy in Los Angeles.

Biological Siblings and Leftover Embryos

Despite using different surrogates, Cohen revealed that his son Ben and daughter Lucy are biological siblings due to the use of gestational surrogacy. Cohen also joked about the possibility of using the “couple” of leftover embryos he has for his children in the future. Cohen’s experience with gestational surrogacy highlights the growing use of this method for family-building and the importance of legalizing it in more states.


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